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Steel Structure Works

The Demand for STEEL as a building material is growing within the construction industry. Steel’s high strength, ductility, adaptation to prefabrication, speed of erection, etc., have always been attractive characteristics to consultants and developers. In today’s “fast tracked” construction projects where time and schedule are of essence, these qualities become decisive in choosing the type of structure to be built. At present, Structural Steel Works, Inc. offers all of the advantages of steel as building material at the most competitive prices without sacrificing quality control.

  • Lightweight for easy handling & economical shipping
  • Superior Strength & Durability
  • Precise Measurements & Perfect Angles
  • Resistant to termites & pests
  • Great protection against worst weather conditions
  • Lower premiums on insurance
  • Minimal Material Waste
  • Fast & Easy Installations
  • Low Labour Costs
  • Recyclable
  • Cost Effective & Competitive